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Everybody loves applications, be it on a Smartphone or Tablet, gaming, informative or educational – We can all agree that they can be truly addictive! But, if you have an opportunity to create your own iPad application? What would it be?

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For me, I have a good idea that I found from the situation that happen around us. For example, I give you three situations.

First situation.

"I love kitty. I would like to keep one in my house but my mom didn't allow. She said that, cat can messy our house and furthermore, it furs can effect my asthma. I'm feel really sad because I really love cute kitty and hope my dream will come true," Omar Darius, 7yrs old.

Second situation.

"My future hubby really love animal. When we will getting married, our  new apartment will not have enough space to put his pets. Moreover, I'm worry because the bad smell from animal droppings will make me  feels uncomfortable. I love my future husband but sometimes, I'm really messy with his pets," Miss Cindy Lau, 25yrs old.

Third situation.

"I'm a businessman that always needs to fly from one area to another area. On the other hand, I have a lovely-fluffy Persian cats that will not eat if I would be around in 2-3 days or even longer. I also can't be separated with my lovely cat and I want to bring it along with me, but the flight policy, I can't bring it together..." Mr. V. Jayakumar, 32yrs old.

So, from that situations, I come with the solution. Presenting my own iPad application....

"My Apple Pet" application

My Apple Pet (MAP)

My Apple Pet (MAP) application will makes your life become easier. If you love animals but there are many obstcales here and there, MAP application is the best solutions! It really suitable for all level of ages, easy to handle and it also can encourage people perception to love animals without considering the problem of lack of space.


First of all, you just need to select your dream pet. No need to spend money to have fluffy Persian cat or exotic Gekco, even a shinny golden fish. There is a lot of animals that you can choose and keep it as your own pets. The most important thing, MAP application allow you to keep pet as real as it was! 

Choose type of pet

Next, let say that your dream pet is a cat. So, you can pick any species that really adore you and make your heart melting because of its cute face, fluffy fur and so on. Just pick the pets that really suits with you. MAP applications provides many species of cat such as Persian, Siamese, British Shorthair, Bengal, Sphynx and so on.

Choose the species

After that, you can name it with your own and now, you will start keep it as your own pet. In this application, you may choose the pet's gender and also age. If you have problems to take care of the pets, there are some tips and guidelines to help you in order to manage your pet. There are some menus that you can choose such as:

  • Pet's Profile
  • Foods and Drinks
  • Health and Care
  • Pet's Toys
  • Pet's Facilities
  • Tips and Guidelines
Say hi to fluffy WHITTY =)

You can take care your own pet as the real one. You can give it food and drinks that you can get from the menus of MAP application. You also can play with the cat. Just touch on the screen and it will follow your finger. This application also give you the sound of the cat that can make you feel like playing with the real ones.

Just move the wool, your cat will follow to grab it.

For those that travel a lots, you need not worry anymore because with MAP application, you can bring together your own pet regardless of the distance! Even,  you can play with your pet in the airplanes but after their allow you to switch on the gadgets =)

Together with your pet, every times and everywhere. 

The greatest thing, with MAP application, you will see you pet 3D! You just need to wear the 3D spectacle and start enjoying the 3D view of your pet. You can touch it and you can feel it. There is nothing impossible with the technology development. So, asthma patient can freely play with lovely-fluffy cat because there is no more furs that will flying around.

You can see your pet appear out from the screen.

So, just thinking out the box, your dream will be reality. If you interested to have My Apple Pet (MAP) application, just get your own iPad first. Don't worry because MAXIS have something special for you! MAXIS will make your dream become a reality. Let's grab one iPad with MAXIS iPad PLANS.


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