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Rooftop garden in Lot 10 is one of the new attraction areas to visit at the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur. Our first research question is what are the design elements in rooftop garden? This research shows that landscape design become the most important element in rooftop garden in Lot 10. The suitability of landscape design with the surrounding play an important role to ensure the area really makes users feel comfort. Landscape design also influences the aesthetic value of rooftop garden in Lot 10 that can be memorized by the user. Users feel amaze with planting scheme with a variety of forest shrubs in many forms and species and vertical landscape that being applied there. The vertical landscape being installed by terrace shrubs planted on wall vertically. The greenery of landscape design that dominated the area tries to regulate the temperature at the urban area and also reduce the urban heat island.

Our next research question is rooftop garden suitable in Malaysia?  From this research shows that rooftop garden is really suitable with Kuala Lumpur. It can enhance the image of Kuala Lumpur as a city centre. Besides that, it will become an identity of Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle that can attract more tourists and also local people to come and feel the city from above ground level. The design of rooftop garden in Lot 10 has aesthetic value through the harmony combination of landscape design and modern architectural design that inspired by an origami form. For most of the user, aesthetic value of rooftop garden design is more important rather than its function towards the environment. They only look towards the beautification of the area rather than the purpose of it being developed.

Next, how rooftop garden give impacts towards the environment? Rooftop garden in Lot 10 also makes the urban area become greener. Most of the area in Kuala Lumpur especially in Jalan Bukit Bintang, is high density of human movement daily and night with many building being developed. Rooftop garden in Lot 10 is one of the great ways to increase the numbers of green spaces in a limited space. Besides that, in also enhance the beautification of the empty rooftop parking before. With many outlets that being provided at the rooftop, such as Celebrity Fitness, Rootz Bar, Teeq Restaurant and the Actor Studio, it really lively the area and become a place for people to gather.

Is aesthetic value important in designing a rooftop garden? From this research, the aesthetic value is important. The natural design of rooftop garden is inspired by “forest in the city concept”. It is really works by many plants being planted on the rooftop vertically. The space become wider with planting scheme that manipulate tree with high trunk that give the illusion of space. From a limited space, the area becomes wider because of suitable plant. It becomes one of the aesthetic values that can give a great impact towards users and also the surrounding. Besides that, most of users are prefer to go to the rooftop during the evening and also during the night. The surrounding change as the area being enhance with lighting effects. It makes the area livelier and improves the aesthetic value.

Next research question is why rooftop garden usually found in a city centre? It shows that rooftop garden in Lot 10 give a good impacts towards the environment in the city centre. The implementation of green landscape design that brings the forest environment in the city makes the area become greener and fresh. It is such a brilliant idea to adapt natural scenery in urban area. Is also reduce the urban heat island by regulate the temperature. The green plants also try to stabilize the urban ecosystem and make the area become cozy and comfort for user to relax and enjoy the city skyline. The rooftop garden in Lot10 increase the number of green space in the limited land in Kuala Lumpur that most of the areas are being developed with high building.

In addition, the good combination of landscape design and also modern architectural building design on the rooftop garden enhance the aesthetic value. The designer of rooftop garden really considers the aesthetic value by well blended of soft landscape and hard landscape that constructed on the rooftop level. It approve that aesthetic value is important when designing a rooftop garden, besides only consider on its function as a place to gather people. 

       On the other hand, the design of rooftop garden in Lot 10 is suitable in Malaysia, according to the social and cultural aspect. The activities that provided on the rooftop garden such as exercise at Celebrity Fitness, theater performance in the Actor Studio and live band performance at the Rootz Bar are really suitable with urban life style in Kuala Lumpur. But somehow, the rooftop area also needs to be monitor at the same time to avoid social problems at that can happen among user, both local or foreigner. It is important to evade negative image of Kuala Lumpur as the city center of Malaysia.


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