Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Assalammualaikum readers and salam 1dunia....

"Smoking kills! Everyone knows smoking is dangerous but why there are some people still smokes?"

The answer is in your hand. You put yourself in risks if you keep continue smoking. Not only you, but it will be harm to others. Better quit than late. Love yourself, love your family and love everyone around of you. Say #taknak to ciggarates and make you life free from it! You can refer to this link for a healthy lifestyle:

Here is my interpretation of  #taknak to smoking habit. No matter who you are and where you are, let us shout #taknak to smoking habit! #taknak #taknak #taknak 

If you want "duit free", you can join this photo contest that held by The Ministry of Health and Nuffnang. So, get your camera, pose creatively and cash prizes will wait for you.

Behind the scene :)

Say #taknak to smoking habit for a healthier life!

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Mohd Khairi Khadzir said...

eh bukn smpai 20hb ek?hhoho xsmpt nk join la derr..good luck je la ok!! hehe